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Modern Maturity, 4:6 (December, 1961-January, 1962)

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Are you retiring now ? ? If so , are you saying , `` Where did the last few years go ? ? How did I get to be sixty-five so fast ? ? What do I do now '' ? ?

Yes , retirement seems to creep upon you suddenly . Somehow we old-timers never figured we would ever retire . We always thought we would die with our boots on . Out of the blue comes talk of pension plans . Compulsory retirement at sixty-five looms on our horizon . Still , it seems in the far future . Suddenly , one day , up it pops ! ! Sixty-five years and you've had it ! !

So , now what ? ? Oh sure ! ! You've thought about it before in a hazy sort of way . But ! ! It never seemed real ; ; never seemed as if it could happen to you ; ; only to the other fellow .

Now ! ! Here it is ! ! How am I going to live ? ? What am I going to do ? ? Where do I go from here ? ?

A great many retired people are the so-called white collar workers . Are you one of these ? ?

If so , you are of the old school . You are conscientious , hard working , honest , accurate , a good penman , and a stickler for a job well done , with no loose ends . Everything must balance to the last penny . Also you can spell , without consulting a dictionary for every other word . You never are late for work and seldom absent .

Actually , you can take no special credit for this . It is the way you were taught and your way of life . All this is standard equipment for a man of your day ; ; your stock in trade ; ; your livelihood .

However , the last few years of your life , things seem to be changing . Your way doesn't seem to be so darned important any more . You realize you are getting in the old fogy class . To put it bluntly , you are getting out-moded .

What's happened ? ? The answer is a new era .

Now , looming on the horizon are such things as estimated totals , calculated risks and I.B.M. machines . The Planning Dept. comes into existence . All sorts of plans come to life . This is followed by a boom in conferences . Yes sir ! ! Conferences become very popular . When a plan burst its seams , hasty conferences supply the necessary patch , and life goes merrily on . That's called progress ! ! The new way of life ! ! Let's face it ! ! You had your day and it was a good day . Let this generation have theirs . Time marches on ! !

Well , to get back to the problem of retirement . Every retiring person has a different situation facing him . Some have plenty of money -- some have very little money . Some are blest with an abundance of good health -- some are in poor health and many are invalids . Some have lovely homes -- some live in small apartments . Some have beautiful gardens -- some not even a blade of grass . Some have serenity of mind , the ability to accept what they have , and make the most of it ( a wonderful gift to have , believe me ) -- some see only darkness , the bitter side of everything . Well , whatever you have , that's it ! ! You've got to learn to live with it .

Now ! ! The question is `` How are you going to live with it '' ? ?

You can sit back and moan and bewail your lot . Yes ! ! You can do this . But , if you do , your life will be just one thing -- unhappiness -- complete and unabridged .

It seems to me , the first thing you've got to do , to be happy , is to face up to your problems , no matter what they may be . Make up your mind to pool your resources and get the most out of your remaining years of life . One thing , I am sure of , you must get an interest in life . You've got to do something .

Many of you will say , `` Well , what can I do '' ? ?

Believe me ! ! There are many , many things to do . Find out what you like to do most and really give it a whirl . If you can't think of a thing to do , try something -- anything . Maybe you will surprise yourself .

True ! ! We are not all great artists . I , frankly , can't draw a straight line . Maybe you are not that gifted either , but how about puttering around with the old paints ? ? You may amaze yourself and acquire a real knack for it . Anyway , I'll bet you have a lot of fun .

Do you like to sew ? ? Does making your own clothes or even doll clothes , interest you ? ? Do you love to run up a hem , sew on buttons , make neat buttonholes ? ? If you do , go to it . There is always a market for this line of work . Some women can sit and sew , crochet , tat or knit by the hour , and look calm and relaxed and turn out beautiful work . Where sewing is concerned , I'm a total loss . When you see a needle in my hands you will know the family buttons have fallen off and I have to sew them back on , or get out the safety pins .

Then again , there's always that lovely old pastime of hooking or braiding rugs . Not for me , but perhaps just the thing for you .

Well ! ! How's about mosaic tile , ceramics or similar arts and crafts ? ? Some people love to crack tile and it's amazing what beautiful designs they come up with as a result of their cracking good time .

How about the art of cooking ? ? Do you yearn to make cakes and pies , or special cookies and candies ? ? There is always an open market for this sort of delicacy , in spite of low calorie diets , cottage cheese and hands-off-all-sweets to the contrary .

Some people can carve most anything out of a piece of wood . Some make beautiful chairs , cabinets , chests , doll houses , etc. . Perhaps you couldn't do that but have you ever tried to see what you could do with a hunk of wood ? ? Outside of cutting your fingers , maybe you would come up with nothing at all , but then again , you might turn out some dandy little gadgets .

Some women get a real thrill out of housework . They love to dust , scrub , polish , wax floors , move the furniture around from place to place , take down the curtains , put up new ones and have themselves a real ball . Maybe that's your forte . It certainly isn't mine . I can look at furniture in one spot year in and year out and really feel for sure that's where it belongs .

Perhaps you would like to become a writer . This gives you a wide and varied choice . Will it be short stories , fiction , nonfiction , biography , poetry , children's stories , or even a book if you are really ambitious ? ?

Ever since I was a child , I have always had a yen to try my hand at writing . If you do decide to write , you will soon become acquainted with rejection slips and dejection . Don't be discouraged ! ! This is just being a normal writer . Just let the rejection slips fall where they may , and keep on plugging , and finally you will make the grade . Few new writers have their first story accepted , so they tell me . But , it could happen , and it may happen to you .

Then there's always hobbies , collecting stamps , coins , timetables , salt and pepper shakers , elephants , dogs , dolls , shells , or shall we just say collecting anything your heart desires ? ?

I can hear some of you folks protesting . You say , `` But it costs a lot of money to have a hobby . I haven't got that kind of money '' .

True ! ! It does cost a lot of money for most hobbies but there are hobbies that are for free . How about a rock collection , or a collection of leaves from different trees or shrubs and in different colors ? ? Then , take flowers . They are many and varied . Also , there's scrap books , collecting newspaper pictures and clippings , or any items of interest to you . It's getting interested in something that counts .

As for me , I am holding in reserve two huge puzzles ( I love puzzles ) to put together when time hangs heavy on my hands . So far , the covers have never been off the boxes . I just don't have time to do half the things I want to do now .

So in closing , fellow retired members , I advise you to make the most of each day , enjoy each one to the n'th degree . Travel , if you can . Keep occupied to the point you are not bored with life and you will truly find these final days and years of your lives to be sunshine sweet .

Good Luck ! ! To one and all -- Good Days ahead ! ! An important criterion of maturity is creativity . The mature person is creative . What does it mean to be creative , a term we hear with increasing frequency these days ? ? When we turn to Noah Webster we find him helpful as usual . `` To be creative is to have the ability to cause to exist -- to produce where nothing was before -- to bring forth an original production of human intelligence or power '' . We are creative , it seems , when we produce something which has not previously existed . Thus creativity may run all the way from making a cake , building a chicken coop , or producing a book , to founding a business , creating a League of Nations or , developing a mature character .

All living creatures from the lowest form of insect or animal life evidence the power of creativity , if it is only to reproduce a form like their own . While man shares this procreative function with all his predecessors in the evolutionary process , he is the only animal with a true non-instinctive and conscious creative ability . An animal , bird or insect creates either a burrow , or nest or hive in unending sameness according to specie . Man's great superiority over these evolutionary forbears is in the development of his imagination . This gives him the power to form in his mind new image combinations of old memories , ideas and experiences and to project them outside of himself into his environment in new and ever-changing forms .

It has been truly said that anything man can imagine he can produce or create by projecting this inner image into its counterpart in the objective world . In our own time we have seen the most fantastic imagery of a Jules Verne come into actuality . The vision of a Lord Tennyson expressed in a poem 100 years ago took visible form over London in the air blitzes of 1941 . In fact all of our civilized world is the resultant of man's projection of his imagination over the past 60 centuries or more . It is in this one aspect , at least , that man seems to be made in the image of his Creator .

Not only can man project his imagination out into his environment in concrete forms , but even more importantly , he can turn it inward to help create new and better forms of himself . We recognize that young people through imaginative mind and body training can become athletes , acrobats , dancers , musicians and artists , developing many potentialities . We know that actors can learn to portray a wide variety of character roles . By this same combination of the will and the imagination , each one of us can learn to portray permanently the kind of character we would like to be . We must realize with Prof. Charles Morris in his The Open Self that `` Man is the being that can continually remake himself , the artisan that is himself the material for his own creation '' .

So far in history man has been too greatly over-occupied with projecting things into his environment rather than first creating the sort of person who can make the highest use of the things he has created . Is not the present world crisis a race between things we have created which can now destroy us and between populations of sufficient wisdom and character to forestall the tragedy . Is it not the obligation of us older citizens to lend our weight to being creative on the character side and to hasten our own maturing process ? ?

Sir Julian Huxley in his book Uniqueness Of Man makes the novel point that just as man is unique in being the only animal which requires a long period of infancy and childhood under family protection , so is he the only animal who has a long period after the decline of his procreativity .