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Vincent G. Ierulli has been appointed temporary assistant district attorney , it was announced Monday by Charles E. Raymond , District Attorney .

Ierulli will replace Desmond D. Connall who has been called to active military service but is expected back on the job by March 31 .

Ierulli , 29 , has been practicing in Portland since November , 1959 . He is a graduate of Portland University and the Northwestern College of Law . He is married and the father of three children .

Helping foreign countries to build a sound political structure is more important than aiding them economically , E. M. Martin , assistant secretary of state for economic affairs told members of the World Affairs Council Monday night .

Martin , who has been in office in Washington , D. C. , for 13 months spoke at the council's annual meeting at the Multnomah Hotel . He told some 350 persons that the United States' challenge was to help countries build their own societies their own ways , following their own paths .

`` We must persuade them to enjoy a way of life which , if not identical , is congenial with ours '' , he said but adding that if they do not develop the kind of society they themselves want it will lack ritiuality and loyalty .

Patience needed Insuring that the countries have a freedom of choice , he said , was the biggest detriment to the Soviet Union .

He cited East Germany where after 15 years of Soviet rule it has become necessary to build a wall to keep the people in , and added , `` so long as people rebel , we must not give up '' .

Martin called for patience on the part of Americans .

`` The countries are trying to build in a decade the kind of society we took a century to build '' , he said .

By leaving our doors open the United States gives other peoples the opportunity to see us and to compare , he said .

Individual help best `` We have no reason to fear failure , but we must be extraordinarily patient '' , the assistant secretary said .

Economically , Martin said , the United States could best help foreign countries by helping them help themselves . Private business is more effective than government aid , he explained , because individuals are able to work with the people themselves .

The United States must plan to absorb the exported goods of the country , at what he termed a `` social cost '' .

Martin said the government has been working to establish firmer prices on primary products which may involve the total income of one country .

The Portland school board was asked Monday to take a positive stand towards developing and coordinating with Portland's civil defense more plans for the city's schools in event of attack .

But there seemed to be some difference of opinion as to how far the board should go , and whose advice it should follow .

The board members , after hearing the coordination plea from Mrs. Ralph H. Molvar , 1409 SW Maplecrest Dr. , said they thought they had already been cooperating .

Chairman C. Richard Mears pointed out that perhaps this was not strictly a school board problem , in case of atomic attack , but that the board would cooperate so far as possible to get the children to where the parents wanted them to go .

Dr. Melvin W. Barnes , superintendent , said he thought the schools were waiting for some leadership , perhaps on the national level , to make sure that whatever steps of planning they took would `` be more fruitful '' , and that he had found that other school districts were not as far along in their planning as this district .

`` Los Angeles has said they would send the children to their homes in case of disaster '' , he said . `` Nobody really expects to evacuate . I think everybody is agreed that we need to hear some voice on the national level that would make some sense and in which we would have some confidence in following .

Mrs. Molvar , who kept reiterating her request that they `` please take a stand '' , said , `` We must have faith in somebody -- on the local level , and it wouldn't be possible for everyone to rush to a school to get their children '' .

Dr. Barnes said that there seemed to be feeling that evacuation plans , even for a high school where there were lots of cars `` might not be realistic and would not work '' .

Mrs. Molvar asked again that the board join in taking a stand in keeping with Jack Lowe's program . The board said it thought it had gone as far as instructed so far and asked for more information to be brought at the next meeting .

It was generally agreed that the subject was important and the board should be informed on what was done , is going to be done and what it thought should be done . Salem ( AP ) -- The statewide meeting of war mothers Tuesday in Salem will hear a greeting from Gov. Mark Hatfield .

Hatfield also is scheduled to hold a public United Nations Day reception in the state capitol on Tuesday .

His schedule calls for a noon speech Monday in Eugene at the Emerald Empire Kiwanis Club .

He will speak to Willamette University Young Republicans Thursday night in Salem .

On Friday he will go to Portland for the swearing in of Dean Bryson as Multnomah County Circuit Judge .

He will attend a meeting of the Republican State Central Committee Saturday in Portland and see the Washington-Oregon football game .

Beaverton School District No. 48 board members examined blueprints and specifications for two proposed junior high schools at a Monday night workshop session .

A bond issue which would have provided some $3.5 million for construction of the two 900-student schools was defeated by district voters in January .

Last week the board , by a 4 to 3 vote , decided to ask voters whether they prefer the 6-3-3 ( junior high school ) system or the 8-4 system . Board members indicated Monday night this would be done by an advisory poll to be taken on Nov. 15 , the same date as a $581,000 bond election for the construction of three new elementary schools .

Secretary of Labor Arthur Goldberg will speak Sunday night at the Masonic Temple at a $25-a-plate dinner honoring Sen. Wayne L. Morse , Aj .

The dinner is sponsored by organized labor and is scheduled for 7 p.m. .

Secretary Goldberg and Sen. Morse will hold a joint press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel at 4:30 p.m. Sunday , Blaine Whipple , executive secretary of the Democratic Party of Oregon , reported Tuesday .

Other speakers for the fund-raising dinner include Reps. Edith Green and Al Ullman , Labor Commissioner Norman Nilsen and Mayor Terry Schrunk , all Democrats . Oak Grove ( special ) -- Three positions on the Oak Lodge Water district board of directors have attracted 11 candidates . The election will be Dec. 4 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. . Polls will be in the water office .

Incumbent Richard Salter seeks re-election and is opposed by Donald Huffman for the five-year term . Incumbent William Brod is opposed in his re-election bid by Barbara Njust , Miles C. Bubenik and Frank Lee .

Five candidates seek the place vacated by Secretary Hugh G. Stout . Seeking this two-year term are James Culbertson , Dwight M. Steeves , James C. Piersee , W.M. Sexton and Theodore W. Heitschmidt .

A stronger stand on their beliefs and a firmer grasp on their future were taken Friday by delegates to the 29th general council of the Assemblies of God , in session at the Memorial Coliseum .

The council revised , in an effort to strengthen , the denomination's 16 basic beliefs adopted in 1966 .

The changes , unanimously adopted , were felt necessary in the face of modern trends away from the Bible . The council agreed it should more firmly state its belief in and dependence on the Bible .

At the adoption , the Rev. T. F. Zimmerman , general superintendent , commented , `` The Assemblies of God has been a bulwark for fundamentalism in these modern days and has , without compromise , stood for the great truths of the Bible for which men in the past have been willing to give their lives '' .

New point added Many changes involved minor editing and clarification ; ; however , the first belief stood for entire revision with a new third point added to the list .

The first of 16 beliefs of the denomination , now reads :

`` The scriptures , both Old and New Testament , are verbally inspired of God and are the revelation of God to man , the infallible , authoritative rule of faith and conduct '' .

The third belief , in six points , emphasizes the Diety of the Lord Jesus Christ , and :

-- emphasizes the Virgin birth

-- the sinless life of Christ

-- His miracles

-- His substitutionary work on the cross

-- His bodily resurrection from the dead

-- and His exaltation to the right hand of God .

Super again elected Friday afternoon the Rev. T. F. Zimmerman was reelected for his second consecutive two-year term as general superintendent of Assemblies of God . His offices are in Springfield , Mo. . Election came on the nominating ballot .

Friday night the delegates heard the need for their forthcoming program , `` Breakthrough '' scheduled to fill the churches for the next two years . In his opening address Wednesday the Rev. Mr. Zimmerman , urged the delegates to consider a 10-year expansion program , with `` Breakthrough '' the theme for the first two years .

The Rev. R. L. Brandt , national secretary of the home missions department , stressed the need for the first two years' work .

`` Surveys show that one out of three Americans has vital contact with the church . This means that more than 100 million have no vital touch with the church or religious life '' , he told delegates Friday .

Church loses pace Talking of the rapid population growth ( upwards of 12,000 babies born daily ) with an immigrant entering the United States every 1-1/2 minutes , he said `` our organization has not been keeping pace with this challenge '' .

`` In 35 years we have opened 7,000 churches '' , the Rev. Mr. Brandt said , adding that the denomination had a national goal of one church for every 10,000 persons .

`` In this light we need 1,000 churches in Illinois , where we have 200 ; ; 800 in Southern New England , we have 60 ; ; we need 100 in Rhode Island , we have none '' , he said .

To step up the denomination's program , the Rev. Mr. Brandt suggested the vision of 8,000 new Assemblies of God churches in the next 10 years .

To accomplish this would necessitate some changes in methods , he said .

' church meets change ' `` The church's ability to change her methods is going to determine her ability to meet the challenge of this hour '' .

A capsule view of proposed plans includes :

-- Encouraging by every means , all existing Assemblies of God churches to start new churches .

-- Engaging mature , experienced men to pioneer or open new churches in strategic population centers .

-- Surrounding pioneer pastors with vocational volunteers ( laymen , who will be urged to move into the area of new churches in the interest of lending their support to the new project ) .

-- Arranging for ministerial graduates to spend from 6-12 months as apprentices in well-established churches .

U.S. Dist. Judge Charles L. Powell denied all motions made by defense attorneys Monday in Portland's insurance fraud trial .

Denials were of motions of dismissal , continuance , mistrial , separate trial , acquittal , striking of testimony and directed verdict .

In denying motions for dismissal , Judge Powell stated that mass trials have been upheld as proper in other courts and that `` a person may join a conspiracy without knowing who all of the conspirators are '' .

Attorney Dwight L. Schwab , in behalf of defendant Philip Weinstein , argued there is no evidence linking Weinstein to the conspiracy , but Judge Powell declared this is a matter for the jury to decide .

Proof lack charged Schwab also declared there is no proof of Weinstein's entering a conspiracy to use the U.S. mails to defraud , to which federal prosecutor A. Lawrence Burbank replied :

`` It is not necessary that a defendant actually have conpired to use the U.S. mails to defraud as long as there is evidence of a conspiracy , and the mails were then used to carry it out '' .

In the afternoon , defense attorneys began the presentation of their cases with opening statements , some of which had been deferred until after the government had called witnesses and presented its case .